Sunday, April 15, 2012

Too Many Books, Not Enough Time

Recently I was looking around my apartment and I started to feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of books I have laying around my house.  Don't get me wrong, I love my books and I love being surrounded by my books but since I have started blogging it seems that I buy more and more novels and then never get around to reading them.  One of my biggest problems is that when I see something that someone has raved about I feel the need to get it right away so I will put a hold at the library or if it's on Netgalley I will request it.
I will also go on Netgalley and go on a bit of a requesting spree.  Does anyone else do that?  At first it was because I wasn't sure if I would be approved for everything I was requesting.  The problem with this is that I was approved for the vast majority of them and then I found that all I was reading were e-galleys.  Again, this makes me sound very ungrateful for an opportunity to read some amazing books before they are published.  That is not how I want to come across but I was finding myself looking at  my bookshelf and longing to read some of the books that had been sitting there for a long time.  for a while I stopped requesting books on Netgalley but recently I started going a bit bananas again.
I have been requesting galleys and also putting holds on books at the library.  This means that again I am only reading galleys and library books and my personal collection is not only being ignored but growing because I keep buying more books.
About a month ago I decided to reorganize my shelves into read and TBR and I was shocked to see how many books I had bought and I have yet to read.  My shelf is set up so I can put books on both sides and one whole side plus a bit is all TBR.   Here are some pictures of my MASSIVE TBR pile!

This side is made up entirely of books that I haven't read yet. 

This side is mostly read except for the first two top boxes. 
 I guess what I'm really getting at is that I think I will be reading from my TBR pile from now on.  I will still accept some books for review, especially if they are coming out anytime in the summer because I have the summer off but I think I will stop going to the library for a bit until my pile is a little less insane.  I have to say as well that a lot of my books are adult novels so I think that I will be posting a lot of adult reviews coming up. I hope that doesn't turn away a lot of readers who enjoy YA.  I have been reading predominately YA now for about a year and half and I think it's time for some adult reads.
Does anyone else have this problem or am I just a little crazy?  Also please let me know if a book shelf tour is something you'd like to see.  I have film one and upload it if it's something that people are interested in.


  1. I am just like you! I have over 300 books sitting on my TBR shelf. I went into Netgalley the first time and asked for a bunch because I didn't know what I'd get approved for. And then I was unable to read all of them. But I still ask for a lot. And end up reading more of those than the books I've already purchased. Or a new book by a favorite author, or in a favorite series will come out and I'll have to buy it and read it right away! So I know what you're saying!

  2. Not to worry, you aren't alone. I'm jealous of your book case though. I also go on sprees with Net Galley. It is an addiction!

  3. I'm the same. I have gigantic piles of books to read... they aren't all on shelves though.. some are piled on my nightstand, some in baskets under my coffee table. I still go to the library and ask for NetGalley ebooks. Though I plan to cut back on both to get caught up on my review pile first and my own personal piles of books second. *sigh*

  4. I am trying to cut myself off from requesting books from the library... all my holds come in so close together that I never have time to read anything else. I think it will still be another month or so before I get through all my holds and to my owned books, though-- It does get overwhelming! Good luck getting to your TBR pie!