Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Honeymoon

Well, I just got back from a great 4 days.  My husband and I got married in August and I started school right afterwards.  As a result, we couldn't go on a honeymoon.  I get 2 weeks off over Christmas and we took this as an opportunity to go on a little honeymoon to Quebec City.  It was amazing!  We stayed at Chateau Frontenac which is literally on old fort/castle.  During our trip we wondered around the streets of Quebec, visited Montmorency Falls and went to an aquarium.  Here are a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure. 

Here we are on our way

D and the view from just outside our hotel

another view from the hotel

our hotel- the Chateau Frontenac

M & D at Montmorency Falls

The Falls

Stairs leading down the side of the falls

D in the middle of the suspension bridge

D at the suspension bridge

Me on the suspension bridge... I only made it halfway.  I hate heights and was almost killed on a bridge as a child by a drunk driver. 

A fishy at the Aquarium du Quebec

the aquarium again



Polar Bear

M &  D in the hotel room.. our crazy hair and all :)

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