Saturday, February 5, 2011

What to Do, What to Do

I am writing this post in hopes that you, my lovely readers, can help me with my situation. I have signed up for several galleys at NetGalley but they are currently having some problems with Amazon and they have taken off the option to have the galley sent directly to your Kindle. There is the option of reading the book on my computer with Adobe Digital Editions; however this is quite inconvenient for me. I have a couple that are being published within the next month and I'd like to get started on them. Should I tough it out with the computer? Should I wait it out and hope that this gets fixed quickly? Or, should I just decline writing a review for these books? The thing is that some of them look quite interesting and I have been looking forward to reading them. I just worry that if I wait I will have a backlog of reading to do and then I won't be able to read anything from my own shelves either. Hmmm.... What do you think?


  1. I had this same problem. I went and bought a Sony ereader for $99. With the Sony, Netgally works, I can check ebooks out from the library, etc. I just don't purchase books on it. I use my Kindle for that.

  2. Hmm... maybe that'll work... but it just might not be in the financial cards for me right now

  3. They are fixing the Kindle issue - I have read a couple on the computer and while it's not ideal, it doesn't bug me too much. It's good enough for me while I wait for them to fix the issue.