Monday, February 28, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: I just HAD to have it!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. This week's edition made me giggle a little. The topic this week is:

The top ten books you just HAD to have but.. they're still sitting on your bookshelf.

My fiancee is amazed at how many books are on my shelf that I haven't read. It's not just that I haven't read them but some have been sitting there for years. Anyhow, I think every person reading this blog or every person participating in this post will have at LEAST 10 books to add to the list. Anyhow, here is mine:

1. The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb- I bought this book as soon as it came out in hardcover. I know most of you reading this are from the States but hardcover books here in Canada can cost up to $35 a book. I splurged because I just had to have it as Lamb is one of my favourite authors but alas I still haven't read it.

2. The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon- I read Zafon's other book Shadow of the Wind and truely enjoyed it so when I got a gift card for Christmas I bought this book (again, in hardcover). That was December 2009 and it is still sitting there waiting to be read.

3. Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books- When I read the first book in this series and enjoyed it I went a little crazy and ordered all the remaining books in the series through Needless to say, I read 5 of them and got a little bored of them and I haven't returned to the remaining 7 books.

4. 2 Jennifer Lancaster books- I went to my favourite used book store in Toronto while I was visiting my sister one weekend. They have amazing books at just the right prices. While there I think I got 8 books and 3 of them were by Jen Lancaster who writes hilarious memoires. I have read one of them and I haven't read the other 2 this was in the summer and they're still on the shelf.

5. Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt- Again, I got this book during my shopping spree with my sister in Toronto. I have always wanted to read this book and was so excited to find this at BMV Bookstore. I had vowed to read this right away but I didn't and it's still on the shelf.

6. The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood- This was another hard cover purchase because she is one of my favourite authors. I didn't read this right away as I hadn't read Oryx and Crake at the time. I have since read Oryx and Crake but I still haven't read The Year of the Flood.

7. Think of a Number by John Verdun- This is on a bookshelf of sorts. I got this book when I first got my Kindle for my birthday in July. I went a bit nuts ordering e-books from Amazon with one-touch shopping. I still haven't read this but it is sitting on my Kindle taunting me saying "Read me, read me"

8. Ape House by Sara Gruen- I loved Water for Elephants and her other 2 books so I was excited to read this. Again, this was bought on my Kindle and I still haven't read it.

9. One Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger- As you guessed the next few have been Kindle books and this one is too. It's just too easy with the one touch shopping. You don't even have to leave your house to buy books anymore. Anyhow, I wanted it because I had read her other books (some good, some bad) and decided I needed this book. Still unread on the Kindle.

10. A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth- I got this book from a used book store here in Ottawa. I had been looking at it for a while and decided this was the time I was going to read this mammoth of a book. That being said, every time I look at this book sitting on my shelf I keep thinking of how long it will take to read it and how uncomfortable it will be to physically read it. It's huge and chunky and quite heavy. I vow to read it one of these days :)

Anyhow, this is just a short list compared to my tbr pile. I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's responses.


  1. I haven't heard of several of the books on your list I can relate to having books hanging around the house that I haven't, and might never read. They do scream my name, though. Perhaps creating this list will kick start me to action and get to reading them.


  2. The Angel's game is awesome. I LOVE his books. I couldn't wait for that to come out, I hope you read it soon and enjoy it!

  3. Ive read the majority of your List. I Love Jen Lancaster, Ive read Bitter is the New Black and Pretty in Plaid. I want to read My Fair Lady. Have you read any of Chelsea Handler's - if you love Jen , you will enjoy hers.
    Im a new follower

  4. I have several of these in my own TBR! I've decided, after reading all of these lists, to set a new rule for myself: two years. That's it and then the book is out of here.

    Here is my Top Ten:

  5. I don't blame you for not reading all the Stephanie Plum books. Fortunately I only bought one at a time, otherwise they would probably have been on my list too.

    My Top Ten

  6. Love Margaret Atwood and have been looking forward to that one myself.

  7. I've read Angela's Ashes and One Night at Chateau Marmont and can recommend them both although they're obviously very different. The Stephanie Plum books are on my TBR list. Do you usually buy an entire series instead of just the first book to see if you'll like it?

  8. I just started The Angel's Game. So far it lives up to expectations!

  9. I have Year of the Flood as well. Angela's Ashes is a good memoir.

    Check out my list here:

  10. I tackled this same topic this week! I don't think we share any of the same books, but we definitely share the same habit. :)

    Side note: I loved Jen Lancaster's memoirs when I read them. She is hysterical.

    Good luck getting caught up! :)

    Check out my TTT and my birthday giveaway!