Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Autobuy

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's edition is about authors we would put on our auto-buy lists.  For me, I think I have waaaayyy too many to list but I will break it down with 5 from the adult genre and 5 from the YA genre.  Here is my list:

                        JK Rowling: Is there really a need to explain this?  And bonus she now counts for both
                         adult, middle grade and YA

                         Sarah Ockler: Simply put, she is one of my favourite YA contemporary writers.  Twenty
                         Boy Summer might have destroyed me 

Jodi Picoult: This woman knows how to write.  If you don't believe me I dare you to pick one of her books and get through it without bawling.

Lauren Oliver: Oh, Lauren, I am anxiously awaiting the final installment to the Delirium trilogy.

Marian Keyes: This adult contemporary writer doesn't get nearly the amount of credit she deserves.  Her books are witty and I eat them up like candy.

Marissa Meyer: I have LOVED Cinder and Scarlet and I can't wait for more from this YA writer.  I am absolutely excited that I get to meet her in a week and half!!!

Lisa Genova: She writes the most interesting stories.  Her stories usually have some sort of neurological aspect to them and they are both fascinating and scary at the same time.

Gayle Forman: Oh man, this woman knows how to suck you in!  I just finished Just One Day and can't wait for Just One Year.

Sophie Kinsella: This author writes the most hilarious books.  I am more fond of her stand alones as opposed to her Shopaholic series but I will read anything she writes.

Kelley Armstrong: Another adult and YA author.  Her words just suck me in and keep me entertained the whole way through.

Which authors would you automatically buy novels from? 


  1. Love your choices! So many great authors. I can't wait to read Jodi Picoult's new book and I still have yet to read Gayle Forman.

  2. OMG... I love your list. Sophie & Kelley are both on my lists... they are amazing writers. I just finished Cinder and LOVE it.. so Marissa Meyer is def on my new autobuy list!

    1. Oh if you liked Cinder then you'll definitely like Scarlet :)