Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Author Interview: Kim Izzo (The Jane Austen Marriage Manual)

Well, just last week I had my first author interview and now I have a second one.  This one is for author Kim Izzo who wrote The Jane Austen Marriage Manual.  I loved this book and I am sure you will too.  Her writing flows easily and her protagonist is always getting herself into some interesting situations.  Without further ado here is my interview with Kim Izzo:

Tell me a bit about yourself.  What can you be found doing when you aren't writing?

Riding my dressage horse, Astaire, spending time with my fiance Richard, or often at my desk as deputy editor/beauty director at Zoomer Magazine.

Where did you get the idea for this novel?

I had turned 30 and felt that I wasn't where I wanted to be in my life: career, relationship, finally and I joked with my friends if I was too old to marry for money.   It seemed like a fun idea and I just went about plotting a story that had a fantasy element to it, one that I could picture happening, if for no other reason than to cheer myself up!

What is your writing process like and did you have any times when you found it difficult to move forward with The Jane Austen Marriage Manual?

It's not as streamlined as I'd like!  I wrote this novel on Sundays, and holidays, with as many early pre-work mornings as I could.  I did find it difficult.  There are many distractions in life when no one is waiting for your manuscript and no one cares if it ever gets finished!  I ended a six year relationship and bought a house/moved in the middle of the first draft.  Suffice to say I didn't touch the book for four months!

What is your biggest bookish pet peeve? 

People who ask me how much money my book has made! It's like asking someone how much money they make at their job. 

Are you working on anything else right now? 

I'm hard at work on my second novel.  Also a romance but with a mystery/fantasy element.

Well there you have it.  Kim can be found at her website, on Facebook and on Twitter (@kimizzo).  An exerpt of The Jane Austen Marriage Manual can also be found here.  It is a great read and I definitely recommend that you check it out!  Thank you to Kim and to Harper Collins!  Happy Reading!

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