Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Do I Really Want to Read That?

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's edition is: 
Top Ten Books I'm Unsure I Want to Read. 

These are all books that I own that I am now re-thinking: 

I read We Need to Talk About Kevin and while I enjoyed the story, I found the language a bit pretentious. It makes me nervous for this one. I'll contemplate it.

This is another case of I'm worried about the language in this book. I mean I graduated honours with an English degree but I have to admit if a book is too much work then I tend to get bored.

I have enjoyed the Vampire Academy novels but I have pretty much figured out what is going to happen next. It makes reading the rest of this series a little less appealing.

This was one of our book club picks and I didn't get around to reading before the meeting. I still went to book club and just hearing about some of the plot really makes me want to give this one away unread.

I have read the other two books in this series and while they were enjoyable I had a few problems with the story after thinking about it. Perhaps one day I'll pick it up.

After reading a few fae books I have to say they're not my cup of tea. Anyone want to change my mind?

These books are just waaaayyyy too long!

I read the first book and really enjoyed it. It's been so long between the first and this one that I forget a lot of the story. Also, I've heard mixed reviews about this one.

This is another case of hearing mixed reviews. You either love it or hate it. I'm sure one day I'll form my own opinion but for now I'm hesitant.

While I don't mind spoilers, I found out the end of this one and I have to say, not a huge fan of what happens. I know I will read it but when I don't know. It's not on my priority list.

Well that's my list. If there are any here that you think I absolutely have to give a chance please let me know. I'm curious to see what is on your lists. 

Happy Reading!


  1. Out of all these books, I would definitely recommend Blood Promise. I loveeeeddd the last three books of this series, they were just amazing and I bawled haha. Silence wasn't my favorite book of the series, but Finale was really good so it was worth slogging through Silence haha. I wasn't a huge fan of The Madman's Daughter, it was just mediocre for me :/

  2. Nice list - I feel the same way about Miss Pettigrew!