Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Hidden by Catherine McKenzie

Publisher: Harper Collins
Publishing Date: June 18th, 2013
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Pages: 366 pgs
ISBN: 9781443411905
Source: Bought from Chapters

Summary from Goodreads:
When a married man suffers a sudden fatal accident, two women are shattered—his wife and someone else's—and past secrets, desires and regrets are brought to light

While walking home from work one evening, Jeff Manning is struck by a car and killed. Not one but two women fall to pieces at the news: his wife, Claire, and his co-worker Tish. Reeling from her loss, Claire must comfort her grieving son and contend with funeral arrangements, well-meaning family members and the arrival of Jeff’s estranged brother—her ex-boyfriend—Tim.

With Tish’s co-workers in the dark about her connection to Jeff outside the workplace, she volunteers to attend the funeral on the company’s behalf, but only she knows the true risk of inserting herself into the wreckage of Jeff’s life. Told through the three voices of Jeff, Tish and Claire, Hidden explores the complexity of relationships, our personal choices and the responsibilities we have to the ones we love.

My Review: 

I have loved every one of McKenzie's novels thus far so when I saw that there was a new one out in June, I had to rush to the store to pick it up.  All of Catherine's stories have had premises that are unlike any others that I have read. That says a lot considering the amount of novels I read in a year. Hidden is about a man named Jeff who is killed in a car accident.  Jeff leaves behind his wife, a son, his brother and a woman named Tish who may or may not be his mistress. The book is told in the perspectives of Jeff's wife Claire, Tish and Jeff himself. I really liked hearing from all three perspectives throughout the story. I especially liked Jeff's perspective because for a majority of the novel he is dead.  It is not told in a weird ghost-like narration but the story weaves between the past and the present. 
This story is heartbreaking and you find yourself feeling something for each the characters you're introduced to.  A story with a cheating element can be polarizing but I found that I didn't dislike anyone involved in the triangle. The whole novel is almost like a mystery because you are never quite sure if Jeff cheated on his wife or not. I really enjoyed how McKenzie writes and keeps up the suspense throughout the entire story.
I couldn't get enough of this novel and I as soon as I was done with the story I feel like I truly was in a book hangover.  The last line of the novel really stuck with me and I couldn't stop thinking of  how McKenzie tied everything all together.  She kept me guessing right til the end. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who doesn't mind getting a little teary eyed every once in a while. Overall another great story from a great author. 

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  1. I have loved all of McKenzie's books, too, and I have this one on preorder. Can't wait! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.