Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where have I been?

Wedding Mania- Summer 2012
 Well some of you may have noticed that I have been missing from action for a little while.  I have to say that part of the reason is that I have been in a bit of a reading slump but the real reason is that life has just been extremely exciting and I have not had time to update my blog.  I wanted to share a bit with you what has been going on. 

My sister Mallory, cousin Michelle, me, sister Kendra.

To begin, I am lucky enough to have summers off since I'm a teacher.  The summer began wonderfully relaxing and I spent a lot of time outside reading on the deck or at the river.  This summer was the summer of crazy.  My husband and I were extremely busy with weddings and family get togethers.  Over the summer we had 3 weddings and my family had a huge reunion with cousins from all over Canada and the States.  I was super excited to spend some time with my cousin Michelle from Chicago. 

Jumping picture in New Brunswick
Towards the end of the summer, my sister and I took a trip through eastern Canada.  My husband was sad to see me go for 2 weeks but he had to work.  My sister and I traveled from Ottawa to Quebec City.  Then onto the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick for a few days.  Here we got to kayak in the Hopewell Rocks and do a little hiking. 

On a hike in Fundy National Park, NB
After camping for 2 nights in Fundy National Park we made our way to Cape Breton and explored the Cabot Trail.  While we were there we did a lot of hiking and we also got to go whale watching on a zodiac boat.  Let me tell you- highlight of the trip!

Skyline Trail
One of the hiking trails that we went on in the Cabot Trail was called the Skyline Trail and while the signs were a tab bit alarming (bears, coyotes and moose all frequent the area), it was well worth the view of the ocean.  It was absolutely stunning! 

 After the Cabot Trail it was off to Halifax.  My sister used to live in Halifax for a summer and we have cousins there.  After camping for 4 nights we were sooooo happy to have a bed!  It was also the best shower I've ever had :)  In Halifax we relaxed during the day and at night we enjoyed the night life.  We toured the Alexander Keiths brewery.  Let me tell you this was not quite what I expected but hey I got 2 beers out of the deal!  We also spent some time with my cousins and my uncle taking in the sights and enjoying some beer at a local pub. 
Alexander Keith's Brewery

On the beach in PEI
While in Halifax I got some really strange news about my job situation too.   I have been substitute teaching for the last 5 years.  I have been lucky enough to get long-tern contracts for the last 2 years but I had yet to secure a full time permanent position with my school board.  When I left on my trip, I was supposed to be teaching Grade 1 French at a new school.  Well, then my principal from my school last year called and asked me to come back to teach Grade 2 French and I accepted this long term substitute position.  Then after our tour of Alexander Keiths I got a phone call asking me to interview for a full time permanent position at a different school in Senior Kindergarten.  Well this was an opportunity I couldn't refuse and after a phone interview I was offered the job.  I couldn't believe my luck! After all that hard work, supply teaching for 5 years I was finally going to have a permanent position.  I couldn't be happier but before I could focus on this my trip with my sister continued with a trip to Prince Edward Island.  The day we got there was beautiful and we promptly headed to the greatest beach.  It had gorgeous sand and warm ocean water. 

Anne of Green Gables House
The following day was not quite as nice.  It ended up raining for the rest of our time in PEI but that was okay because come rain or shine we were going to see the Anne of Green Gable house.  While I love Anne of Green Gables, my sister is just slightly more obsessed with this Canadian literature classic.  It was much smaller than I thought but it was still quite fun to see everything.  I also couldn't resist buying every Anne book there is known to man at the bookstore on the site.  I forgot to mention that we also stayed at the cutest little cottage.  It was Green Gables Cottages and while we weren't there for long, I would love to go back.  The second night we were there we also got the chance to see Anne the Musical and of course afterwards, have some Cows ice cream. 

Our cottage in PEI
If you ever get a chance to visit this island I would definitely recommend it!! After PEI, our trip was coming to a close.  We headed back to Quebec City and stayed overnight before heading back home to Ottawa.  This trip with my sister was a once in a lifetime opportunity but I have to admit that I missed my husband a lot while I was away.  I even missed our first year anniversary and I felt horrible about it.  We booked the trip without even thinking of the dates and when we realized it was too late to change it.  Thank goodness I married a very kind and patient man.  

Anyhow, after the trip I started school right away.  I had one day to set up my classroom and while it works for now there is still a tonne of stuff to do.

And now for the best reason of all for my absence!!! I am the oldest of six children and as I've said before on this blog things were tough growing up.  That being said, this is the reason why I am close with all my siblings and when I found out my baby brother was going to be a daddy I coudn't have been happier!  Well, my brother's girlfriend went into labour 2 days ago and I have been spending time at the hospital for the last two days.  Well, it was definitely worth it because today at 6:41pm, my niece Elizabeth Theresa was born!  We'll call her Ellie for short but she is the sweetest, most precious thing I have ever seen.  Well I have been rambling on here for quite some time but I will let you be the judge of just how cute my niece is with a few pictures.  Anyhow, things should start to mellow out and I will be back to regular posting.  Until then, Happy Reading!!

My sisters and I with our niece
Me and Ellie!
Me and Ellie

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