Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Moment Between by Nicole Baart

From the Dust Jacket:
Abigail Benet was completely in control of her life. But then tragedy pushed her to the brink of something she's never experienced: obsession. Now, she's given up everything she's ever worked for to chase down the object of that obsession. His name is Tyler Kamp.
As Abigail follows him across the border into Canada, her journey is awash in memories of family and childhood, especially those of her younger sister Hailey. Even as Abilgail races into her future, her past continues to pull her back Only when she is brought to the edge of her obsession will she be able to come to terms with the tragedy that ignited it.

My Review:
I got this book from Library Thing as part of the Early Reviewers program. Overall, I enjoyed this book but there were some things in it I found a little unbelievable. I found the images of Hailey's suicide to be quite vivid and heartbreaking and I also found that Hailey's struggle with her mental health also to be quite compelling. The relationship between the two sisters was quite remarkable. On one hand Abigail loves Hailey like a mother would while on the other hand she resents her at times for not being able to have her own life apart from taking care of her sister. I found this dynamic to be believable and for this part I really enjoyed Abilgail's character.
On the other hand, there were some parts that I struggled believing. While I was raised Roman Catholic and can appreciate the religion, I found that at the end of the book the whole aspect of communion didn't fit with the rest of the book. Yes, there were religious undertones throughout but I found this part of the book to be a little too over the top. I also found that Abigail's obsession with Tyler to be a little too dramatic. While it fuels the whole book and her reason for going to Canada I think that trying to kill Tyler was again over the top. It would have suffised if she went there for self- discovery or to try to come to terms with what Hailey did by trying to place blame on Tyler. I just think that once Abigail gets to Canada and meets Tyler, the act of actually trying to kill would likely not have been there.
Overall, like I said, I quite enjoyed the book, there are just parts that I could have done without. I give this book a 3.5 out of 5

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